New Business Intelligence: Discover the Unknown!

About the Index

Launching our New Interactive Business Intelligence Tool

The Health and Safety Index has launched a new interactive Business Intelligence (BI) Tool to enable users to have greater control of their own data and story telling!

Our new BI capability visually helps identify hotspots, explore risk profiles and discover the unknown. We have successfully combined:

• Intuitive data analytics and exploration
• Reliable and valid benchmark data
• Simple data visualisation

To understand more, contact us and refer to our new video demonstration.

Business Intelligence

Discover the Unknown

Self-manage your own reports – explore and discover the unknown.

Our highly intuitive technology allows you to understand focus areas within your specific demographics, e.g. location, business unit, gender, age, Shiftworkers etc.

Seeking feedback at scale truly help organisations understand behaviours, conditions, behaviours and experiences to inform strategic choices.

Reliable and Valid

Lead indicators that matter!
Not all surveys are the same.

Reliability is concerned with consistency or the degree to which the questions used in a survey elicit the same kind of information each time they are asked.

Reliability is particularly important when it comes to tracking and comparing results with past internal surveys and benchmarks from external sources.
Based on an independent review by a Murdoch University PhD, the Health and Safety Index statistical reliability of aspects were evaluated to be α greater 0.90 or “excellent”.

For more information on the outcomes of our Murdoch University PhD review, refer to our separate blog, “Why Reliability and Validity is important?”


We provide options to run reports on behalf of clients and / or access to our new Business Intelligence for self-managed reports. Both options of accessing reliable reports are priced with an unlimited number of participants. This allows organisations to engagement their entire workforce and contractors at no extra cost.

To learn more, refer to our Pricing webpage

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