Top 4 Behaviours to Improve Health & Wellbeing during Change

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Effective management of change is critical during times of uncertainty.

Change Management is one of four key levers to influence health & wellbeing

The top four levers influencing health and wellbeing include:

  • Change Management
  • Job Control
  • Values & Beliefs
  • Trust in Leaders.

The Index: The Health and Safety Index enables organisations ti simply measure, focus and act on improvements that matter. This assessment covers Safety Leadership, Engagement, Systems and Health & Wellbeing.

Context: The Health and Safety Index received over 120,000 responses and across several Australian and New Zealand industries during 2020.

As we reflect on Health and Safety Index results, the management of change as a key area influencing health & wellbeing.

Top Four Behaviours

We have also identified the top four behaviours associated with health and wellbeing during change.

Based on our 2020 survey results, these four behaviours provide the highest predictors of how to effectively improve health & wellbeing during change.


Based on Health and Safety Index results and our experience, we have identified key levers to support the improvement of health and wellbeing. In particular, the management of change has increasingly important with global uncertainty and the continual shift in the way we work and live.

We have also identified four specific behaviours to assist leaders effectively manage health and wellbeing during change:

  • Communication – Ensure senior leaders and visible and are having effective conversations. Two way conversation should include balanced feedback on performance and organisational direction to provide greater levels of certainty and comfort.
  • Job Goals – Providing a clear link between individual workers job and company goals can provide purpose and energise winning teams to collaborate on common goals.
  • Consultation – Genuinely engage stakeholders with authenticity. Focus on areas with the greatest impact on workers health and safety.  
  • Timely action – Respond efficiently and consistently to provide greater levels of certainty and routine.

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