Why is Survey Reliability and Validity Important?

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Why does the reliability or validity of survey data matter?

Reliability is concerned with consistency or the degree to which the questions used in a survey elicit the same kind of information each time they are asked.

Reliability is particularly important when it comes to tracking and comparing results with past internal surveys and benchmarks from external sources.

Validity this measuring what is supposed to be measured. Simple and relevant questions enable respondents to provide an accurate response on topics that matter to support effective outcomes.

Bad surveys produce flawed data. In other words, data that is unreliable, irreproducible, or invalid, leading to the wrong conclusions and actions.

What is the Health and Safety Index Reliability?

Based on an independent review by a Murdoch University PhD, the Health and Safety Index statistical reliability of aspects were evaluated to be α greater 0.90 or “excellent”.

For more information on the outcomes of our Murdoch University PhD review, refer to Health & Safety Index: Validation Review.

Safety Climate Survey Participation

Surveys should not only be designed effectively, but also applied to a minimum number of participants. Assessments, audits, or surveys completed by one or two people often do not provide an accurate representative sample size when attempting to seek feedback from large groups of stakeholders. Creating a sense of involvement from a large cross section of stakeholders can also create effective engagement and ownership on future improvements.

Assuming an organisation has an adequate number of respondents, the Health and Safety Index can obtain greater than a 95% Confidence Level to ensure we obtain is a valid reflection of respondent perceptions.


Check the levels of reliability and validity prior to selecting a survey tool. Survey reliability and validity is a must to ensure the integrity and quality of a survey instrument, to draw accurate conclusions from the survey data and support effective strategic decision making.

Survey reliability and validity enables the integrity of survey instruments to accurately compare benchmarks and data, draw meaningful conclusions and support effective strategic decision making.

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