The Health and Safety Index was created to provide a simple, affordable and reliable (r=>0.9^) solution to enable organisations measure, focus and act on improvements that matter.

For many years organisations across the globe have successfully used surveys to measure employee engagement. Typical Human Resource (HR) / People & Culture professionals have used employee engagement to improve retention, psychological safety, and performance as a lead indicator of culture and productivity.

Health and safety is often an add-on to employee engagement surveys or completely overlooked. So, we decided to do the opposite. Rather than an employee engagement survey with safety as an after thought, we created a Health & Safety Index, which balances employee engagement (n=20) and safety engagement (n=20). In addition, we have integrated questions on Health & Wellbeing, Safety Leadership and Safety Systems to create a wholstic view of employee health, safety and engagement.

^Refer to Resources & Research for validation study findings.

Solution Focused

What are the benefits of feedback and solution focused approach?

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