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Iceberg of Ignorance

The Iceberg of Ignorance was a term first used by Sidney Yoshida in the 1980’s. He studied several medium size organisations in Japan’s manufacturing sector. The study found that there was a disconnect in the organisational hierarchy. On average, frontline operational problems were recognised by Senior Executives only 4% of the time.

Even though this study was conducted 30 years ago it still holds relevance today. 

The ‘Iceberg’ principles have also been studied in more recent research by The Yunus Centre Griffith and Auckland Co-Design Lab 2022. Refer to our blog to read more about some of the invisible patterns and responses. 

Our recent Health and Safety Index benchmark results highlight the importance of invisible conditions, practices and behaviours that are often not seen by senior managers. Refer to our blog for the recent Health and Safety Index results and the mismatch between Senior Managers and employees.

How do your senior managers seek feedback from your organisation?
Have you considered a company Health and Index Survey for Safe Work Month this October?

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World Congress

Learn, Share, and Collaborate

  • Hear From More Than 240 Global Experts
  • Learn From Those With Lived Experience
  • Find Scalable Strategies

Join us this coming November 27-30, 2023 at the 23rd World Congress on Safety and Health at Work to be held in Sydney, Australia. 

The Health and Safety Index will facilitate a workshop, Monday 27th November, led by our Managing Director, Mark Wright to talk about reliable options to measure health and safety performance, share benchmark data, case studies and practical examples on measuring what matters.

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Health and Safety Index Benchmarks

Levers to Improve 

The Health and Safety Index has been designed to provide ‘Levers’ for action. We provide approximately 12 possible Levers for action to provide guidance on strategic choices.  

This short video was from our webinar in partnership with SAI360 where we discussed Blind Spots and Levers for Action.

Cam Mitchell, President of Kasa Consulting shared insights on their company’s latest benchmark results and Levers to improve — Change Management, and Values & Beliefs.

Our solution allows for business specific demographic data to help identify hotspots and comparisons between cohorts. This informs strategic choices, a targeted use of resources and a positive Return on Investment (ROI).

Visit our blog to read more about our latest Benchmark Results and Health and Safety Index Levers for Action.

Client Review

To find out more about our ‘WHS Maturity Model’contact us.

BSA Ltd Success Story

The Health and Safety Index is utilized by several organizations to report on performance with credible and reliable benchmarks. BSA Limited has deployed the Health and Safety Index for three consecutive years and reports results in their Annual Report, disclosing results to the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) and their shareholders.

For more information on this BSA Case Study, click here.

Dates for Diary

Here are a few exciting dates for the diary in 2023!



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