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Meet the Team

Vanessa Recla

Vanessa is a highly skilled data analyst who is committed to using her expertise to gain actionable insights from data and to support businesses with informed decision-making. 

Vanessa has a degree in Applied Mathematics, where she exhibited excellence in her coursework and demonstrated a strong aptitude for analytical problem-solving. 

She has extensive professional experience in analyzing large datasets and performing statistical analyses. She has completed several courses and certifications where she honed her skills in data manipulation, data analysis, data visualization, and machine learning. She is adept at presenting data in a manner that is easily understandable, and her strong communication skills enable her to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams.

In recent months, Vanessa has been instrumental in improving product development, data integrity and visualizations, eg Open text sentiment analysis and word clouds, and reports in multiple languages. 

Connect with Vanessa by contacting her directly at [email protected] 


World Congress

Join us this coming November 27-30, 2023 as we become part of this year’s World Congress to be held in Sydney, Australia. 

The Health and Safety Index will facilitate a workshop, Monday 27th November, led by our Managing Director, Mark Wright covering:

  • Reliable options to measure health and safety performance.
  • Share benchmark data, industry insights and learning with workshop participants.
  • Complete a live demonstration with participants showing aggregated survey results.
  • Case studies and practical examples on measuring what matters.
  • Conduct a live demonstration with participants showing individual safety leadership self-assessment survey results.

Visit our exhibit, network and participate in workshops, forums, technical sessions, round table conversations, and learn more about emerging trends, develop skills to mitigate new risks and gain knowledge of work health and safety best practices.

Don’t miss out! Register below.


What is unique about the Health and Safety Index? 

1. Holistic: Covers Health “and” Safety
2. Employee Engagement: Identifies employee sentiment
3. Tailored: Allows for business-specific demographic data
4. Statistically Reliable: Independently validated as “Excellent” (r >0.9) to support credible benchmarking
5. Valid: Provides “Outcomes” to understand impact and “Levers” for action
6. Insightful: Allows you to discover blind spots!

To learn more about our product, visit our FAQ blog here. 

Partner Spotlight

Soteria120 has been working with the Health and Safety Index for the past three years.  They are the natural progression from the H&S Index Survey to providing a solution to those areas that have been identified as needing help. Mark and the HSI team have developed a great product and recognized that Soteria120 & SkillzUp are great compliments to our work!  

Soteria120 helps companies achieve better corporate performance by ensuring that their team members are confident in the knowledge required to achieve high performance: be it in safety or other corporate areas.  

Connect with them here or visit their website at www.soteria120.com

Education Piece

Sustainability factors are becoming a mainstream part of investment decision-making. There are increasing calls for companies to provide high-quality, globally comparable information on sustainability-related threats and opportunities.

In June 2023, the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) has today issued its inaugural standards—IFRS S1 and IFRS S2 —ushering in a new era of sustainability-related disclosures in capital markets worldwide. The Standards will help to improve trust and confidence in company disclosures about sustainability to inform investment decisions.

The Health and Safety Index is utilized by several organizations to report on performance with credible and reliable benchmarks. BSA Ltd has deployed the Health and Safety Index for three consecutive years and reports results in their Annual Report, disclosing results to the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) and their shareholders.

Our goal throughout FY2023 will be to improve our Health and Safety Index score whilst continually developing our safety excellence. BSA has commenced the development of a tailored Safety Leadership Pathway program with competencies and skills required to drive a high-performing culture of our leadership team.”  – Arno Becker, BSA CEO

For more information refer to IFRS Video or contact us on how we can contribute to sustainability reporting.

Dates for Diary

Here are a few exciting dates for the diary in 2023!



  • Mental Health & Wellbeing Awareness Webinar: 5 September, Online


  • Understanding Bullying & Harassment in the Workplace Webinar: 17 October, Online


Thanks for your interest in the Health and Safety Index.

If you have questions about risk, health, or safety solutions, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch.

E: [email protected]
P: +61 1300 909 649

Until next time,

Mark Wright and the HSI team

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